Venus in Fur

April 9-18, 2015

By David Ives
Directed by Bronwyn Steinberg

Welcome to The Gladstone’s most sizzling show of the season! This award-winning play by David Ives is a delicious, suspense-packed study of the erotics of power. A writer-director laments the woeful parade of actresses who have auditioned for his new play. Enter Vanda, an out-of-work actress who turns the tables and takes charge in this sexual roundelay about power and powerlessness! Venus in Fur redefines the classic sex comedy.

Venus in Fur


February 27–March 14, 2015

By Stéphanie Turple
Directed by Kevin Orr

A dirty, sexy new comedy about the high price of low finance. Anna, deep in debt, decides that bankruptcy is her only option. She meets with bankruptcy trustee James Larson, whose dry, uncaring information about the bankruptcy process hits poor Anna like a cold shower after a hot day of shopping. In order to avoid a life without Louis Vuitton, Anna takes up an ancient profession that promises a lot of income in a short amount of time. This intertwines her fate with that of James, his ex-wife and their son, in a series of hilarious and unexpectedly sexy ways.


The Radio Show: Christmas Classics

December 10–14, 2014

Featuring works by O. Henry and others
Directed by Teri Loretto-Valentik and David Whiteley

Always a song and story spectacular, the popular Radio Show is back! This time, it’s an evening of heart-warming holiday classics for the entire family. Join us for an night of vintage fun with live re-tellings of The Gift of the Magi, ’Twas the Night Before Christmas, The Little Prince and other timeless treats. The Gladstone Sisters are back with some local celebs and sing along carols and the result is pure enjoyment for the holidays.

The Radio Show: Christmas Classics

Billy Bishop Goes to War (November 7-23, 2014)

Written & composed by John Gray in collaboration with Eric Peterson
Directed by Teri Loretto-Valentik
Produced by Plosive Productions and The Acting Company

In 2014, we remounted our very successful production of Billy Bishop Goes to War at the Avalon Studios. Our February 2013 production at The Gladstone earned Chris Ralph a Prix Rideau Award nomination for Outstanding Male Performance and was also nominated for Outstanding Production. Directed by Teri Loretto-Valentik and starring Chris Ralph as 18 characters and featuring James Caswell on piano, this musical about Canada's flying ace brought John Gray the 1981 Los Angeles Drama Critics' Award, the 1982 Chalmers Canadian Play Award, and the 1983 Governor General's Award for drama.

Billy Bishop Goes to War

The School for Wives (September 12–27, 2014)

By Molière
Translated by David Whiteley
Directed by John P. Kelly
Presented by SevenThirty Productions and Plosive Productions

Perhaps the funniest play by probably the world’s funniest playwright, in a fresh new translation by possibly Canada’s greatest translator of French comedies, directed by perchance Ottawa’s best director. We like those odds!

The School for Wives

Detroit (January 17–February 1, 2014)

By Lisa D’Amour
Directed by Chris Ralph

In a "first ring" suburb outside a midsize American city, Ben and Mary fire up the grill to welcome the new neighbours who’ve moved into the long-empty house next door. The fledgling friendship soon veers out of control, shattering the fragile hold that newly unemployed Ben and burgeoning alcoholic Mary have on their way of life—with unexpected comic consequences. Detroit is a fresh, offbeat look at what happens when we dare to open ourselves up to something new. Premièred at Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre to rave reviews, Plosive Productions is thrilled to be the first to bring this devastating comedy to Canada.

David Benedict Brown & Stephanie Izsak


David Whiteley and David Benedict Brown


Stephanie Izsak, David Benedict Brown, Teri Loretto-Valentik, David Whiteley

Photos by Chris Ralph.

The War of the Worlds (October 30–November 2, 2013)

By H.G. Wells, radio drama adaptation by Orson Welles
Conceived for the stage and directed by Teri Loretto-Valentik

On October 30, 1938, Orson Welles sent America into a panic with his adaptation of The War of the Worlds in the form of a series of news bulletins, which many listeners mistook for breaking news of an alien invasion. Celebrate the 75th anniversary of this infamous broadcast this Hallowe’en, when Wells's story and Welles's words get our trademark Gladstone Radio Show staging, with live music and on-stage foley that bring you back to the 1938 radio studio where the legend was born. Save $5 when you buy tickets as an add-on to your subscription!

War of the Worlds


Private Lives (September 20–October 12, 2013)

By Noël Coward
Directed by Craig Walker
Featuring Alix Sideris, David Whiteley, Steve Martin, Bronwyn Steinberg and Camille Beauchamp

To launch our season, Plosive Productions brings you the second wittiest play in the English language, Noël Coward's classic 1930s comedy of bad manners. When a divorced couple discover they are honeymooning with their new spouses in adjacent hotel rooms, it isn’t long before the sparks fly and their stormy romance is reignited.

Private Lives

In the Next Room or the vibrator play (May 15-June 1, 2013)

By Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Bronwyn Steinberg
Presented by Same Day Theatre and Plosive Productions

Imagine a time when electricity was a novelty and female "hysteria" was considered a treatable problem. Now imagine what happens when they both come together…

Sarah Ruhl's Tony and Pulitzer Prize-nominated comedy is set in a genteel, Victorian-era spa town where Dr. Givings specializes in treating hysteria with a mysterious, electrically powered device, but is blind to the state of his own unfulfilling and sterile marriage. As patients arrive for their electrically powered, secret treatment, his wife Catherine becomes curious… and jealous. What is going on in the next room?

Ruhl's play is at once a deftly comic skewering of societal repressions and a lyrical exploration of love. It has been staged across North America and Europe and has been translated into Spanish, Hebrew and German.

Featuring Rideau Award nominated actors Michelle LeBlanc and Sarah Finn.

"In the Next Room or the vibrator play" is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

In the Next Room

False Assumptions (March 26-30, 2013)

Written by Lawrence Aronovich
Directed by Teri Loretto-Valentik
Presented by Ottawa Theatre School and Plosive Productions

The Ottawa Theatre School and Plosive Productions invite you to the world premiere of False Assumptions, an exciting new play about Nobel Prize-winning scientist Marie Curie.

Written by local award-winning playwright, Lawrence Aronovitch, False Assumptions is part mystery, part history, part drama, and part romance. In this world, the ghosts of three scientists discover a set of radium-soaked notebooks and uncover the hardships, heartbreaks and hard-won achievements that led to Marie Curie becoming the first woman ever awarded the Nobel Prize.

Directed by Plosive's own Teri Loretto-Valentik, False Assumptions is theatrical, entertaining and uplifting!

False Assumptions

Billy Bishop Goes to War (February 8–23, 2013)

Written & composed by John Gray in collaboration with Eric Peterson
Directed by Teri Loretto-Valentik

One of Canada's most popular stage plays comes to The Gladstone in February. This musical about Canada's flying ace brought Gray the 1981 Los Angeles Drama Critics' Award, the 1982 Chalmers Canadian Play Award, and the 1983 Governor General's Award for drama. Directed by Teri Loretto-Valentik and starring Chris Ralph as 18 characters and featuring James Caswell on piano, this is one show you don't want to miss!

"Chris Ralph is one of the finest actors working in Ottawa or the country for that matter and always plays with honesty and directness. His affable connection with the audience
earned him a well-deserved standing ovation."
Charlebois Post - Jim Murchison

"All Canadian history should be delivered this way!"
Production Ottawa - Allan Mackey 

"Chris Ralph absolutely nails the many and challenging demands of his role… He pulls it all off with charm and style, entertaining every step of the way."
 The Visitorium – Kevin Reid

"Director Teri Loretto-Valentik although not a pilot herself is from a flying family and this helps infuse an understanding into the play. The lobby of the theatre is filled with artistic renderings of WWI planes in action, on loan from the Canadian War Museum. When you get inside the theatre there are working models of various fighter planes suspended from the ceiling."
Charlebois Post - Jim Murchison

Billy Bishop Goes to War

Miracle on 34th Street: The Radio Show (December 14–23, 2012)

Adapted by John Cook with assistance from Teri Loretto-Valentik and Nicole Milne from the book by Valentine Davies
Directed by Nicole Milne

Could the Macy's department store Santa be the real thing? This holiday season, Plosive takes you back to the Golden Age of Radio with a new adaptation of everyone's favourite Christmas story, Miracle on 34th Street. This much-loved holiday classic is a treat for families of all ages!
Extra family-friendly 3 p.m. matinee on Friday Dec. 21.

Miracle on 34th Street

How it Works (October 5–20, 2012)

By Daniel MacIvor
Directed by Stewart Matthews

A heartwarming tale told with humour and love, about reinventing family and the healing power of storytelling. Well known to local audiences for Marion Bridge, This Is What Happens Next and Communion, MacIvor's works have earned him Governor General, Chalmers, Dora and Genie Awards and the Siminovitch Prize. How It Works maintains MacIvor's impeccable standard, "a wise, witty and warm family drama, shot through with insights." — The Toronto Star.

How It Works

Death and the Maiden (May 2 - 19, 2012)

By Ariel Dorfman
Directed by Craig Walker
Featuring Paul Rainville, Geneviève Sirois and Chris Ralph

The hated dictatorship has been overthrown.  Democracy has won a difficult victory. But now former torturers, murderers and oppressors mingle quietly amongst one's neighbours. And when Paulina's husband brings home the good Samaritan who had helped him when his car broke down, she believes she recognizes the voice from her past nightmarish ordeal... A play about innocence and guilt, vengeance and paranoia.

Death and the Maiden


Cyrano de Bergerac (February 1 - 18, 2012)

By Edmond Rostand
Translated and Directed by David Whiteley
Featuring Richard Gélinas as Cyrano,
Élise Gauthier as Roxane and
Warren Bain as Christian
with Katie Bunting, Zach Counsil, Robin Guy, Scott Humphrey, Stewart Matthews, Chris McLeod, Tim Oberholzer, Garret Quirk and Chris Ralph

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Cyrano de Bergerac is sure to warm your heart in the dark of winter. Tragic romantic hero and Renaissance man, Cyrano is skilled with both sword and pen, but his deformity dooms him to solitude. Presented in a new English translation which renders the original rhymed verse with "panache"—a word this very play introduced into our vocabulary.
Assistant Director… Lucy Collingwood
Costume and Set Designer… Nancy Solman
Lighting Designer… John Solman
Properties Designer… Rachel-Dawn Wallace
Stage Manager… Jess Preece

"Spirited", "Gélinas makes a brash, conflicted and engaging Cyrano." - Ottawa Citizen
"The whole thing is a rousing, raucous joy." "Plosive's CYRANO does indeed have Panache." - The Visitorium
"An epic tale cracked open to reveal an intimate portrait of love and loss that moves the heart and soul." - The Charlebois Post

VIDEO: Richard Gélinas and Élise Gauthier's apearance on Rogers Daytime

Cyrano de Bergerac

The Shadow: A Christmas Mysteries Radio Show (December 7-17, 2011)

Directed by Kel Parsons

For the past few years The Gladstone has presented a Christmas-themed show in the style of a 1940s live radio show. Plosive continued the tradition with The Shadow: A Christmas Mysteries Radio Show. The show included two holiday special episodes of The Shadow, voiced by Tim Oberholzer, Allan Pero, Katie Bunting and Michelle LeBlanc, with live sound effects performed by Karen Benoît and festive songs by The Gladstone Sisters. The Arthur Murray Swing Dancers kept the place hopping before the show and during intermission.

Tim Oberholzer, Katie Bunting, Michelle LeBlanc, Allan Pero

Speed-the-Plow (October 5-22, 2011)

By David Mamet
Directed by Teri Loretto-Valentik
Set, Costumes and Sound Design by Ivo Valentik
Lighting Design by David Magladry
Featuring: Kyla Gray, John Muggleton and Chris Ralph
Assistant Director: Nicolas Alain
Stage Manager: Christine Hecker

Speed-the-Plow by Pulitzer Prize winning author David Mamet was Plosive's first show as part of the Autumn 2011 season at The Gladstone. Some feedback from critics and audiences:
"It's awesome to watch"
"very funny"
"in a word, it was great"
"Anyone who wants to see three great, well-directed local actors bring a genius script to life on an unbelievable set should see this production."
"Director Teri Loretto-Valentik has captured the high powered rhythm of Mamet's intense exchanges"
"[The set is] a thing of bizarre beauty — a marvel of rampaging black and white lines"
"Ivo Valentik's set design is one of the most beautiful and transformative structures I have seen on a small independent stage in this city for a long time"
"Ralph positivley rocks the joint"
"John Muggleton's performance as Bob Gould was absolutely impeccable"
"Muggleton and Ralph wear their roles as comfortably as old shoes"
"As Karen, Kyla Gray has a very good debut"
"[Kyla Gray's] work is infinitely preferable to Madonna's"

Speed-the-Plow (1) Speed-the-Plow (3) Speed-the-Plow (4)

The Importance of Being Earnest (February 10-26, 2011)

by Oscar Wilde
directed by David Whiteley
Cast: Katie Bunting, Sean Conforti, Teri Rata Loretto, Stewart Matthews, Kel Parsons, Garret Quirk, Chris Ralph, Henna Kaur Sodhi, and Bronwyn Steinberg

We were overwhelmed by the audience support we received for our first show. Produced in association with The Gladstone and Seventhirty Productions, this rollicking new production of Wilde's masterful comedy moved the action to colonial India of the 1920s -- a setting that underscored the frivolous nature of the ruling class of the era and when "mad dogs and Englishmen" went out in the midday sun.

Plosive was thrilled to be able to work with several of Ottawa's best-known actors for our inaugural production, many of whom are no strangers to The Gladstone stage. We were also proud to have Henna Kaur Sodhi, a student at Canterbury Arts High School, make her professional début with us.

The Importance of Being Earnest